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Traditional Insurance Models vs IPMG’s In-Sight 360: What’s the Difference?

Traditional insurance programs have relied on the same siloed model for workers’ compensation, employee benefits, absence management and wellbeing for years, and the results have been consistent: a reactive approach to employee wellbeing and rising costs for employers.

IPMG designed In-Sight 360° to provide a better way.  

To illustrate the difference between In-Sight and the traditional model, we created a video that tells the story of Matt, a deputy in the County Sherriff’s Department who recently injured his knee on the job.


As Matt’s story shows, In-Sight 360 is different because it’s built for efficiency, allowing for one comprehensive team of professionals to bring about the most timely and economical conclusion of health, workers’ compensation and absence related claims.

By bridging all the resources necessary to bring meaningful change to the workforce through engagement and outreach, In-Sight 360° does more than just lower claims costs for employers — it results in happier, healthier and more productive employees.

Considering switching to an integrated workers' compensation, absenteeism and employee benefits solution? Read our free guide to see if your organization is a good fit.