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How COVID Changed IPMG - What Can Your Organization Do?

Posted by The IPMG Team on May 27, 2021 3:19:00 PM

The last 15 months have been a whirlwind with learning a new normal, navigating a worldwide pandemic, adjusting to new CDC guidance, and now with vaccines widely available, considering a return to office.

Employers, employees and even health experts, do not have a single answer and that underlines that there is no one right or wrong way to move forward. Many employees have communicated one of the most important things is a continued flexibility in the new post-COVID office environment.

At IPMG, we are committed to helping employees face the demands of juggling work, family, and life-related issues by offering a number of possible flexible work arrangements. These arrangements provide employees with increased flexibility with their work schedule while allowing IPMG to maintain a progressive and productive work environment, with no expense to quality output.

We know that moving forward things in the office will be looking slightly different, so we’ve taken all of the following precautions throughout our building:

  • Face-masks available to employees and visitors
  • Hand sanitizer available throughout the building
  • Disinfectants available to wipe down shared spaces
  • Ramped up housekeeping especially in high-touch areas
  • Lawn chairs and tables to sit outside to work via Wi-Fi

On the personal side, many of our employees' day to day lives are looking a little different than they did 15 months ago, so we wanted to adjust the work side to create a positive balance. One thing we have always offered to help create a positive work-life balance, is working 37.5 hours per week instead of the standard 40 hours. In the last few months, we have also added a new benefit for all employees, that guarantees a minimum of 2 work from home days every week! Lastly, we encourage the use of flexible work schedules if the employee so chooses, and is manager approved for staffing purposes. While there are countless options, which we always keep open, a few of our fan favorites are listed below.

  • Flextime: Five, 7.5 hour days are worked, but there is flexibility in start and end times. Employees can choose to come in earlier to leave earlier, while others may prefer to start later in the day and work into the evening.
  • 5-hour days: Four 9.5 hour days are worked, giving employees an extra day off every week.
  • 9/75: , 75 hours are worked in the course of nine workdays, over two weeks. This gives the employee every other Friday off.
  • Summer Hours:, Five-day work week, in which an employee front loads hours, to leave on Fridays by 3pm. The employee would work 8 hour days, Monday – Thursday, and a 5.5-hour day on Friday.
  • “Weather Person”: Employee works their day with multiple larger breaks similar to a TV weather person. On early at 6 am, back on at noon, and then on at 5pm.

Finally, and what we are most excited for, we have welcomed employees back to the office with updated socially distanced seating areas, refreshed, cleaned and brighter workspaces, a rebranded and colorful work area and numerous snack and coffee bars throughout the building.

While none of this is new groundbreaking information, we hope that sharing what we have implemented at IPMG may spark a thought of something unique you can do to build back up your company culture and nurture the employees as well.


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