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May 2021 Brokerage Bind Success - Workers' Compensation

Posted by Nathan Kaprinay on Jun 28, 2021 11:08:00 AM

Our Brokerage Unit specializes in placing workers' compensation risks for our retail agent partners. From writing hard-to-place risks to securing competitive pricing, our team is here to help. Take a look at our May binds below.

Industry Mod Premium State
Painting Contractor 0.87 $19,683.00 AZ
Concrete Contractor No prior $17,994.00 MT
HVAC & Electrical Contractor No prior $15,039.00 CA
Machine Shop No prior $10,960.00 CA
Trucking No prior $8,904.00 CA
Remodeling Contractor No prior $4,942.00 CA
Window Tinting No prior $1,635.00 CA
Commercial Janitorial No prior $1,250.00 AZ
Pool Servicing No prior $984.00 AZ
Contractor No prior $762.00 AZ
Electrical Contractor 1.03 $58,772.00 IL
Warehouse equipment installation 0.83 $37,096.00 IL
Pizza Restaurant 1.18 $18,904.00 IL
Trucking 1.28 $16,402.00 IL
Trucking 0.97 $14,490.00 IL
Auto Repair Shop 1.17 $14,321.00 IL
Garbage Collector No prior $11,928.00 IL
Landscaper 1.38 $11,181.00 MO
Equipment Repair No prior $9,920.00 AR
Landscaper No prior $7,386.00 IL
Landscaper No prior $6,667.00 IL
Galvanizing 0.93 $5,532.00 IL
Condo Association 0.91 $5,421.00 IL
Rope and Cord Distributor No prior $3,640.00 IL
Trucking No prior $3,347.00 IL
School No prior $1,776.00 MO
Project Management No prior $1,758.00 TX
Hair Salon No prior $1,264.00 IL
Janitorial No prior $1,226.00 IL
Yoga Studio No prior $565.00 IL
Professional Office No prior $462.00 FL
Trucking 1.43 $109,185.00 NC
Framing Contractor 0.9 $33,268.00 GA
Vitamins/Supplements 1.21 $27,543.00 GA
Siding Installation 1.25 $26,041.00 GA
Pool Repair No prior $25,003.00 GA
Carpentry Contractor No prior $22,943.00 AL
Landscaper No prior $9,919.00 CT
Glazier No prior $9,379.00 GA
Landscaper No prior $9,305.00 MS
Masonry Contractor No prior $7,646.00 GA
Drywall Contractor No prior $7,504.00 GA
Drywall Contractor No prior $7,425.00 GA
Swimming Pool Excavator No prior $7,258.00 GA
Drywall Contractor 0.95 $6,835.00 VA
Trucking No prior $3,463.00 NC
Convenience Store No prior $3,166.00 GA
Residential Cleaning No prior $3,134.00 FL
Concrete Contractor No prior $3,064.00 SC
Convenience Store No prior $3,048.00 GA
Concrete Contractor No prior $2,954.00 GA
Pool Repair No prior $2,305.00 GA
Carpet Installation No prior $2,012.00 GA
Computer Installation No prior $1,569.00 NC
Drywall Contractor No prior $1,542.00 VA
Landscaper No prior $1,027.00 MS
Med Spa No prior $756.00 GA
Pottery Shop No prior $569.00 GA

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