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2021 Brokerage Bind Success

As 2021 comes to a close, we are please to share our success stories with our independent agent community.

About IPMG Brokerage Unit

IPMG’s Brokerage Unit began servicing independent agents and brokers in 1997. Since then, we’ve prioritized building trusting, longstanding relationships with our agents and providing timely, competitive workers’ compensation quotes.

Independent agents can count on IPMG as a dedicated brokerage partner with an expansive carrier network. Because of this, our team can offer pricing that wouldn’t be available with in-house direct carriers.

Our wealth of resources gives us access to carriers that independent agents don’t have. Even if you’re a high-risk company, we’ll be able to find a placement that works for you.

Our team works coast-to-coast, writing policies nationwide for several diverse industries. Plus, our services have no minimum commitment so any professionally licensed agent has the option to work with us.

Above all, we work to inspire confidence and trust in our clients, saving them time and money on their brokerage issues and allowing them to focus on growing their business.

 IPMG Services:

 Our brokerage team specializes in placing tough risks for companies with:

  • High Mods
  • New in Business or No Prior Coverage
  • Gaps in Coverage
  • Small to Large Premiums

Targeted Industries:

  • Contractors
  • Transportation 
  • Healthcare 
  • Auto Repair 
  • Food Industry 
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Stores
  • Waste Management and Recycling Centers

Proven Success:

At IPMG, we believe our agent's success is our success. Take a look at our bind highlights that prove this to be true.

Industry Mod Premium State
Nursing Homes 1.02 $419,394.00 IL
Beer Distributor 1.39 $169,347.00 IL
Trucking Company 1.14 $72,664.00 KS
Roofing Contractor 0.95 $53,635.00 AZ
Glazier 1.09 $44,693.00 CA
Garage Door Installer 1.59 $38,837.00 IL
Moving Company 1.00 $24,036.00 IL
Iron & Steel Contractor 0.88 $22,765.00 AZ
Carpentry Contractor No prior $20,612.00 CA
Carpentry Contractor 1.00 $15,001.00 IL
Trucking Company 0.97 $14,490.00 IL
Gymnasium Floor Installation 1.67 $14,206.00 MT
Framing Contractor No prior $14,005.00 AZ
Framing Contractor No prior $13,343.00 KS
Roofing Contractor 1.00 $11,431.00 GA
Tree Service 1.38 $11,181.00 MO
Welding Contractor No prior $10,633.00 IL
Home Healthcare 1.00 $10,593.00 IL
Trucking Company No prior $9,955.00 IL
Janitorial No prior $9,682.00 CA
Painting Contractor 0.96 $8,579.00 GA
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation 1.00 $7,909.00 CA
Pump Repair 0.85 $6,536.00 CA
Parcel Delivery No prior $6,290.00 AZ
Pool Contractor 1.00 $5,544.00 IL
HVAC Contractor 1.00 $5,077.00 CA
Masonry Contractor 0.98 $4,947.00 GA
Painting Contractor 1.00 $4,937.00 GA
Siding Contractor 1.00 $4,799.00 IN
Sand & Gravel Hauler No prior $4,786.00 GA
Flooring Contractor No prior $4,229.00 GA
Window & Door Installation 1.00 $4,116.00 GA
Trucking Company 1.00 $4,094.00 IL
Auto Dealership 0.93 $4,006.00 IL
Assisted Living Center 0.95 $3,723.00 TN
Storage Warehouse 1.00 $3,708.00 IL
Auto Recycling No prior $3,676.00 PA
Trucking Company 1.00 $3,313.00 SC
Donut Shop No prior $2,854.00 CA
Coffee Shop 1.00 $2,499.00 IL
Plumbing Contractor No prior $2,359.00 IL
Painting Contractor No prior $2,344.00 NC
Trucking Company No prior $2,289.00 TN
Flooring Contractor 1.00 $2,163.00 GA
Carpentry Contractor 1.00 $2,017.00 GA
Project Management Company 1.00 $1,758.00 TX
Gymnastics School No prior $1,429.00 FL
Fast Food Restaurant No prior $1,174.00 NC
Nanny No prior $1,000.00 IL
Janitorial No prior $779.00 SC
Engineering Firm No prior $748.00 MO
Hardware Store No prior $677.00 IL
Church 1.00 $618.00 IL
Clothing Boutique No prior $583.00 IL
Yoga Studio No prior $565.00 IL
Tavern 1.00 $452.00 NC


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