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IPMG: Helping Communities & First Responders Combat Social Media Misinformation


Company Gives Small to Medium-sized Communities Maximum Access to Specialists & Experts Nationwide




St. Charles, IL – A University of Baltimore study estimated the cost of misinformation at nearly $80 billion annually. Propelled by social media, that impacts the largest global companies to modest municipalities. The results include eroding public trust and the bill of combating and repairing the harm at times falls on taxpayers.


Now, IPMG (Insurance Program Managers Group), a suburban Chicago company, is offering the kinds of high-end tools and experts helping to minimize the emotional and financial damage caused by misinformation.

Who is IPMG?

IPMG is a team of insurance service specialists and program administrators for policies protecting cities, counties, municipalities and schools. Their specialized coverage focuses on limiting liability for those clients and their taxpayers. In an effort to do that in a new and innovative way, IPMG is offering:

A network of crisis management experts specializing in critical response and preventative measures for emergencies. IPMG has an expansive toolbox of best-in-class experts for smaller to mid-sized schools and municipalities with less than expansive budgets. Their goal is to give cities, towns and school districts access to the kind of best-in-class critical incident advice and strategies increasing transparency, accountability and minimizing misinformation. The tools in their professional toolbox include:

  • Pre-Incident best practices
  • Post-Incident response
  • Strategies for information flow
  • Experts in all public safety fields including police, fire and EMS
  • PR, media & social media professionals to assist/partner with the press
  • Digital forensics
  • Experts in the legal and insurance fields

 What Does IPMG Do?

Imagine an accusation of police brutality in a small township. Some information is understandably kept private to maintain the integrity of the investigation. Unfortunately, too often social media fills in the gaps of information that can’t be released with half-truths or outright lies. While the facts eventually come out, it can take months or years. That’s enough time to poison a potential jury pool or create unnecessary pressure to settle cases at inflated costs. No matter who is at fault, that can add unnecessary costs to taxpayers. To curtail this:

  • IPMG Provides rapid response. The team of professionals gives real-time advice helping to get information out fast without jeopardizing the legal process
  • IPMG’s crisis experts can guide inexperienced or under-experienced municipalities in best practices for transparency and government accountability
  • Improved reaction time using good advice gives less opportunity for misinformation to flourish
  • IPMG helps to mute the emotional and financial impacts of crises

Who IPMG helps:

IPMG is assisting 400 clients in Illinois and 800 across the country. Those include counties, cities, towns and school districts.

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