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Recent 2023 Brokerage Bind Success - Workers' Compensation


At IPMG, we hold the firm belief that the success of our agents directly correlates with our own accomplishments. As the fourth quarter rapidly approaches, we want to emphasize that we continue to accept submissions. With access to a comprehensive network of over 20 industry-leading carriers, we are well-equipped to address even the most challenging risk scenarios.

Since its inception in 1997, IPMG's Brokerage Unit has been dedicated to serving independent agents and brokers with unwavering commitment. Over the years, we have prioritized the cultivation of enduring and trust-based relationships with our agents, alongside the provision of timely and competitive workers' compensation quotes. We invite you to review our recent successful placements as a testament to our dedication.

Industry Mod Premium State
Metal Extraction 1.14 $109,266 TN
Mental Health Services 1.05 $95,717 AZ
Land Grading 1.57 $61,606 NC
Masonry/Construction 1.16 $59,945 KS
Masonry & Fencing Contractor 1.27 $55,548 AZ
Sanitary Hauling 0.92 $46,040 IL
Trucking 0.85 $45,859 KY
Restaurant - multiple locations 1.7 $36,104 CO
Plastics Mfg 0.87 $24,849 NC
Structural Steel Contractor 1 $24,606 AZ
Dairy Farm 1.19 $24,349 AZ
Feed, Hay, Grain Dealer 0.8 $22,897 AZ
Power Washing No Prior $21,508 SC
Painting & Sandblasting Contractor 0.83 $20,427 NV & CA
Roofing 0.89 $18,090 AR
Home Health Care No Prior $17,278 GA
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation 1 $16,797 CA
Solar  Installation  No Prior $9,253 IL
Concrete Contractor No prior $8,429 AZ
Handyman Service No Prior $7,763 TN
Pool Contractor 1 $7,322 AZ
Landscaping No Prior $6,617 GA
Painting No Prior $4,977 IL
Car Wash No prior $4,151 CA
Tree Service No Prior  $4,131 KS
Warehouse No prior $3,293 AZ
Asphalt Contractor No Prior $2,028 IL
Janitorial No Prior $1,706 IL
Window Covering Manufacturing No prior $1,413 AZ


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