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Recent 2022 Brokerage Bind Success - Workers' Compensation

Posted by The IPMG Team on Nov 30, 2022 9:59:04 AM

At IPMG, we believe our agent's success is our success. With year-end right around the corner, we are still accepting submissions. We have the right placement for your tough risks as we have access to over 20 industry-leading carriers!

IPMG's Brokerage Unit began servicing independent agents and brokers in 1997. Since then, we've prioritized building trusting, longstanding relationships with our agents and providing timely, competitive workers' compensation quotes. Take a look at our recent binds!

Industry  Mod Premium State 
Manufacturing Sales 1.35 $87,544 LA
Telecommunications NP $45,716 GA
Industrial Contractors 2.22 $43,336 TN
Social Services 1.41 $32,408 NC
Home Health Care NP $22,189 GA
Landscaping 1.63 $20,891 GA
Trucking 0.9 $18,857 NC
Painter 1.27 $17,984 GA
Carpentry NP $17,925 TN
Masonry NP $13,973 GA
Transportation-Limo NP $13,136 CT
Equipment Installation 0.92 $10,714 TN
Roofer 1.54 $281,037 CA
Framing Contractor 0.97 $133,654 AZ
Painter 0.85 $32,028 CA
Medical Staffing NP $31,861 CA
Restaurant NP $26,131 CO
Electrician NP $20,492 AZ
Tree Trimming NP $20,458 AZ
Mobile Mechanic NP $14,609 CA
Preschool 0.98 $11,548 ID
Trucking  NP $5,756 NV
Tree Trimming 0.95 $49,480 IL
Home Healthcare 1.34 $16,935 KS
Irrigation Pipe Installation No Prior $16,785 AR
Renovation Contractor No Prior $16,302 IL
Local Trucking No Prior $15,363 AR
Country Club 0.97 $14,933 IL
Amusement Park 1.39 $14,241 IL
Roofing No Prior $12,150 IL
Residential Moving Company No Prior $9,773 IL
Paving & Concrete Work No Prior $7,434 IL
School 0.97 $6,197 IL


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