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Employer investing in employee wellness game changer

Why Investing in Employees Changes The Game for Employers

For many employers, while employee wellbeing is important, it can often take a back seat to financial priorities like improving the bottom line.

At IPMG, we’ve seen the success that can come with focusing on creating a healthier workplace culture that truly values wellness and balance.

“It’s an easy equation to understand,” says IPMG CEO/President Gregg Peterson, “that happy, healthy employees are good for your organization.”

By overlooking the wellbeing of the employees, many businesses are ignoring a critical element to their future growth and long-term gain.

Here’s what Gregg has to say on the importance of investing in the wellness of your employees, and how it changes the game for employers:


At IPMG, we’re passionate about finding proactive ways to encourage workplace wellness. That’s why we’ve created In-Sight 360°, an integrated platform that gives your business the ability to manage your employee’s health, injury, workers’ compensation, absence and engagement data in one place.

Plus, In-Sight 360° gives you the tools and resources you need to use this data proactively, helping to minimize risks and promote productivity among your team.

In-Sight 360° is the solution you’re looking for to bring meaningful change to your workforce, resulting in happier, healthier and more productive employees.

Considering switching to an integrated workers’ compensation, absenteeism and employee benefits solution? Read our free guide to see if your organization is a good fit.